Someone Needs to Slap Some Sense into High Tax Rishi Sunak

LONDON - England - With all this slapping going on, someone needs to slap some sense into high tax Rishi Sunak.

sunack high tax

It’s Friday night, you order up a greasy Indian takeaway. When Rishi Sunak, the high tax Chancellor of the Exchequer turns up at your door, you tell the fucker to sling his hook. Someone in parliament needs to slap some sense into this creepy greasy-haired vulture bleeding Britain dry. For a start, he is a remainer it is a certainty whatever anyone else says, this piece of grease-laden chapati wants to ruin Brexit Britain and make everyone’s life harder.

Any economist or person with some semblance of logic knows that to invigorate and restart an economy, whatever the global situation, you have to lower taxes. Scrap the hated EU VAT of 20%, lower income tax, lower business tax, lower council tax, lower interest rates, lower fuel tax and all the other fucking taxes that leach huge sums from people every bloody month. Make Britain move again, not stultify it with concrete shoes.

High-tax Sunak thinks that invigorating an economy means taxing people and businesses to death. No! That shit halts economies. People stop spending, people get scared, businesses cannot grow or even trade anymore.

“You put your salary into your bank account. Immediately, the direct debits suck your money back out. What’s the fucking point?” one man said.

One thing Sunak is not over-taxing is the huge amount of stinky grease he schleps on his fucking hair every day.