What kind of Brexit means that Britain has to pay billions of pounds for Brussels bureaucrats and their gold plated pensions until 2064? It seems the never ending gravy train really is that, especially as millions of Britons are struggling to even exist, the arseholes of Brussels in their immaculately designed EU towers, and their three day work week will have their diamond encrusted retirements shored up by the bankrupted British taxpayer.

Who signed up for this shit? It certainly was not any Brexiteer worth his salt? Britain has been paying for EU bureaucrats since the fucking 1970s. We’ve paid, and overpaid, and paid through the nostrils for their extravagant profligate self-serving lavish lifestyles. The so-called £40 billion Brexit pound of flesh EU charge also includes the Horizon Europe research scheme, which Britain has been frozen out of even though we are still funding something that is most probably cunting useless and a complete waste of time and money. You cannot get more beyond satire than that.

Pay no more. Not a penny more. If anyone had any balls left in this country, they would say why should we pay for something we have already paid for hundred times over? Hey, we need the money ourselves, not the unelected faceless crooks who inhabit the evil EU Tower of Babel.

If Boris has become such a pussified liberal balless whack toy for the EU, and he commits Britain to this suicidal EU con job, he is as culpable as the same crooks in Brussels. No Brexiteer worth their salt will ever vote for him again.

According to OBR figures, the UK is forecast to pay almost £12billion towards EU pensions between 2021 and 2064. No! We have already paid.

Britain is still shackled to not only this outrageous EU pension scam, but it is forever held hostage to the ECJ, a legal entity that supersedes Britain’s own legal system. Who says so? Britain invented the modern structures of legal systems being utilised all over the fucking world today. The ECJ would not exist as it is today if it was not using the same efficient modernised judicial framework that the British used for centuries before the Soviet EU was ever created. It is an impossibility that the ECJ supersedes our judicial system, especially if Britain supposedly left the EU, which we have not.

There was no Brexit. We have not left the EU.