Obama Spoiling it For Hillary

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - President Barack Obama could be purposely leaving a bad taste in voters' mouths so that the upcoming 2016 election can be another failure for Hillary Clinton.

“The Dems are now less popular than cockroaches and hemorrhoids. That don’t give chief Democratic madam, Hillary Clinton much chance of ever getting voted in. It’s no news that those two despise each other with a vengeance, so Obama is using the old socialist scorched earth policy before he leaves office possibly with a big boot in his behind,” a Congressional insider told the Washington Daily Echo.

Britain’s Labour party adopted the same policy before they were ousted after thirteen long years. When they realised they did not have a chance of reelection, they cynically drew up a scorched earth policy where expenditure went through the roof, and their corrupt crony members pocketed as much cash as they could muster before leaving nothing in the nation’s coffers. Britain is still recovering now after their disastrous tenure, America however may not recover. There are two very good reasons to this. America is such a large nation that if it takes the wrong track, it is harder to steer back. Britain is just a minnow compared to the behemoth Federal monster that America is. Secondly, the world has changed while America’s insular compartmentalised system has been reamed by the socialist jackals. No longer is America the world force it used to be, it has been marginalised and weakened by wars on three fronts as well as a war inside Washington.

Obama stole the election from Hillary Clinton in 2008, and his actions now will ensure the Republicans get into power again for a very long time in 2016.

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