Obama to Republicans: “If You’re Not With Me You’re a Terrorist?”

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - President Obama is fighting back at the incessant Republican party attacks on Obamacare with some chosen words stolen from George W. Bush .

“I think Republicans are the new Muslims. George W. Bush succeeded in demonising them for years so I want to do the same with the Republicans. Either you’re with us or you’re with the terrorists. Obamacare is the right way and you’re a terrorist if you disagree with it,” President Obama commented in the White House’s Rose garden yesterday.

As civil war threatens to engulf Capitol Hill, there are Republican senators conducting 16 hour speeches to try and stop Obamacare.

“You can talk all you want but it only amounts to terrorism. So what if America is bankrupted because of Obamacare. At least the poor were finally treated for their ailments,” the President added.