New Tech Company Banana Threatens Apple With Amazing Future Sales

SAN JOSE - USA - This is one hell of a mixed fruit bowl as tech giants Apple are being threatened by newcomers on the tech scene Banana.

Tech writer Giles Geblome, for Tech Wire magazine is scared for Apple: “When I saw Banana I immediately thought about Apple. Banana’s innovative products are so much more streamlined, efficient and tactile. Apple may have met its nemesis in Banana. Banana has truly rocked Apple to the core.”

Some of Banana’s products are so innovative that many tech people cannot get their minds around how they work.

“I think Banana is the future. Apple not so much anymore. If Steve Jobs was alive today, he would look at Banana and say, ‘How do I peel it?’ I know for certain Steve liked to take things and make ’em his own, just like every artist does,” Geblome added.

Banana is to officially release their products in January 2014 on New Year’s Day so better start queuing now.