Soviet Internet Now Cares About You

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - There has been a remarkable change with the internet in recent years, first under the control of George W. Bush and now under the control of Barack Hussein Obama.

During Bush’s tenure, the internet was a huge free depository of information where anybody could say anything, upload anything and download anything. Bush even let people talk about him, negative or positive. Under Obama, there was a definite change that occurred. Free expression and opinion were punished, additionally mass surveillance of internet users on a scale never before seen in history was introduced.

“President Obama is simply adopting the soviet control system called Political Correctness or politicheskaya pravil’nost in Russian. It is a technique pioneered by the soviet communists in the early 20th Century to control what people could say and think. President Obama, the ultimate soviet control freak has adopted this neurolinguistic control technique to great effect and the result is that free speech and free thought has been eroded in the West to levels never before seen in history,” Professor of Linguistics at Stanford University revealed on Tuesday before being sent to a re-education camp in Missouri.

The soviet doublethink technique does not only manifest in linguistics but also in all forms of expression. You can now be arrested for simply posting an image on the internet, or by expressing yourself in free thought, just look at the mass of social networking site arrests you hear about on the news daily.

George Orwell utilised a similar concept in his novel 1984, depicting a dystopian nightmare where everyone is surveilled and thoughtcrimes are punished severely.

A newspeak equalities spokesperson for the Obama regime had this to say about the shutting down of free speech and opinion in the West: “We’re doing it to protect you from free speech and harming yourselves. It is also for your own good that we are reading your private emails. You must speak without thinking or understanding what you are saying. You will remove all forms of ‘unorthodox’ linguistic patterns and individual thought. We will limit your vocabulary so you will only be able to express our doctrines and politically correct system of language. Yes We Can!”