Bob Geldof to be Launched Into Space

HERTOGENBOSCH - Netherlands - Saint Bob Geldof is to be launched into space in a rocket his publicist revealed today.



Space X, a private space company gained enough donations to buy Sir Bob a one way $100,000 ticket to oblivion.

The rocket is one of many which will propel celebrities into space for a once in a lifetime experience, the only drawback for them is that it’s a one way ticket.


Bob Geldof’s spokesman, Gary Winesap told ITV news that the Boomtown Rat was grateful for the mass of donations to get him a seat on the rocket and he was also glad that there were no bathing facilities onboard.

Others who have already signed up include DJ Z403-2a and pop star 78564-y.

The rocket’s boosters will propel Geldof to a height of 89 miles above earth’s atmosphere where he will just keep going, and going and going.