Transphobes Could be Forced to Change Sex Says Consortium

WASHINGTON D.C - USA - Transphobes could be physically forced to undergo sex change operations because of their anti- trans beliefs.

People who reject the transexual agenda being pushed at all levels of society might have a nasty surprise waiting for them in the future. The vastly powerful trans agenda backed by sinister deep state operatives working clandestinely, controlling all media and institutions want all transphobes to be physically operated on changing their sex.

Time Up For Transphobes

“John does not like trans people. He thinks we are an abomination of nature and biology. Tomorrow we take John and make him into Jane. We’re talking meat and two veg all lopped off, the full shebang,” trans activist Virginia Balls revealed on her U.S Marines sanctioned blog on Friday.

Some commentators have called this a “transdictatorship” and voiced their outrage on social media. They were immediately erased from all platforms, and forcibly punished by having to go through multiple trans hospital operations.