You Must be Happy in the Happy Happy World of Meghan and Harry

MONTECITO - USA - Self appointed ambassadors of permanent happiness, Meghan and Harry demand the globe's population is happy.

meghan and harry happy

Happy, happy, joy, joy! The wonderful rose-tinted world of Harry and Meghan is being forced onto the population by the self-appointed global ambassadors of Happiness.

“You have to be happy! Look at me, I travel in private jets everywhere, eat and drink the finest delicacies every day, have personal trainers, nannies to look after the screaming brat, wear the finest most expensive clothes, and wherever I go I use the Duchess title to make money even though I hate the royals and have done my utter best to ruin them. I live in a 16 bathroom mansion with Mexican servants attending to my every whim, and have millions of dollars in my bank account. Why aren’t you happy?” Meghan asks a homeless woman lying on the pavement whacked out on Methamphetamine.

The confused virtue signalling couple are filmed every day talking about how everyone should be happy, and how you should never be angry or hate certain types of people. Well fuck you Meghan and Harry, fuck you very much.

“You must be happy, we order you to be happy even though you are now lying in a hospital corridor on a trolley with your oxygen running out in some unsanitary New Delhi makeshift medical facility. As you take your last breaths, remember how happy I am as I lecture you on being happy in your meaningless life and death. You see, I am important, and you are an insignificant sub human Untermenschen who has lived a life of hell, and are now dying by suffocating in the most excruciating manner,” Harry lectures a dying man in a Covid hospital through a Zoom conference on happiness.