Conspiracy Theorist Says He Does Not Believe in His Own Conspiracy Theory

COLORADO - USA - Raymond Blanco, one of America's most prominent conspiracy theorists has finally come out and revealed that the conspiracy theory he believed in is pretty unbelievable.

“I was just going on and on one day in a coffee shop when it hit me. It was all bull, not just one bit but all of it,” Mr Blanco revealed.

The prominent conspiracy theorist even has his own local radio talk show with tens of listeners.

“I had to go on there and confess. I was a conscientious conspiracy theorist and I was hanging my boots up. It’s okay to question, but my theory was so stupid that even other conspiracy theorists and researchers would shun me,” a distraught Blanco told the local Huntsville Echo.

So what was the theory?

“I, I believed in Hope, I believed in Change. I used to say ‘Yes, We Can!’ and I, I’m so ashamed of myself. I gotta live with myself for voting for THAT theory and believing everything about it. I can’t even mention the name of the person who I stole the original conspiracy theory from. I voted twice. Oh the disgrace.”