Catholics: “This Pope is Creepier than the Last One”

VATICAN CITY - Italy - Catholics all over the world are getting creeped out by the new pope Francis a new poll has revealed.

As Popes go, Benedict looked creepy but was just a regular papal creep who didn’t do too much, but this new Pope Francis looks creepy and acts creepy. Some may say this is normal behaviour for a Catholic Pope but others are getting really fu**ing creeped out by this guy.

“Pope Francis entered the papacy by kissing and licking the soles of a convict’s dirty foot, he then started spouting ridiculous hypocrisies about people needing to throw away their wealth whilst the Catholic church is itself enormously wealthy, and now he is telling all Catholics to embrace sodomy yet disallow female priests. We all know the priests have been bu**ering each other for years but in the bible it says otherwise,” a confused Catholic revealed to Italian TV station Rai Uno today.