Expedition to Discover North East England Announced

LONDON - England - A group of intrepid explorers are set to leave on a hazardous expedition North of the Watford Gap tomorrow at dawn it has been announced.

The team of twelve explorers will be kitted out with two months survival rations and will set off from Tory HQ deep in the civilised environs of Central London.

“I’m a bit scared of what I may encounter, it’s something that will be a great challenge to our team. As long as I have my trusty solid oak stick with me then I’ll be safe from any of the wild primitives we may encounter,” MP for Richmond, Lewis Fetherhimes told the Telegraph.

The group expedition will also use a team of sherpas carrying all their supplies, including essentials like caviar and champagne.

“It’s a wasteland up there, full of wild animals roaming and all sorts,” Geoffrey Fortington-Smythe, another member of the expedition team revealed.

The expedition will hopefully map out some of the unknown regions and bring back their findings to London sometime in late September.