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BLM: Virtue Signalling ‘White Saviour Complex’ Denigrates Blacks

MINNEAPOLIS - USA - The virtue signalling white saviour complex suffering supporters of BLM and ANTIFA are a taint on the plight of black people.

ANTIFA does not care about racism or the plight of black people. This is a group made up of 98% white people who are using the guise of ‘fighting racism’ to fulfil their own agenda, which is ultimately anarchy, chaos, disruption and one could even label their movement as a form of domestic terrorism. ANTIFA is basically a haven for those with severe cases of White Saviour Complex who need a cause to mask their real intentions.

BLM and ANTIFA are an insult to black people in the West. Blacks do not need these White Saviour Complex sufferers to save them. Black people can take matters into their own hands and right any wrongs done to their communities themselves.

ANTIFA, as a terrorist organisation, is made up of multiple ideologies that are on the far left of the political spectrum, like Marxism, Communism, and Anarcho-communism. Funnily enough, being ‘anti-fascist’ ANTIFA also acts and behaves like fascists themselves, which is particularly ironic given their name. Mixing elements of Bolshevism and Fascism with their militant bully boy tactics is an integral part of their strategy.

BLM is a similar entity that is exploiting the plight of black people, and while the black founders are getting rich off the millions of dollars of donations sent to the organisation, the protests are mainly manned by White Saviour Complex ideological slaves who are all ‘doing the right thing’ in their little minds and loving the Virtue Signalling adoration they receive from the socialist media.

There is a sort of youthful energy to the riots when they occur, and many who attend these events do not even know why they are there, that is apart from the nice little adrenaline shot they receive as they destroy another shop or burn down someone’s home. The disenchanted youth are a marginalised element of today’s society, and a good riot is an excuse to rid tehmselves of some of that energy.

There is nothing positive about the ANTIFA and BLM movements, in fact, the actions of these groups creates more hatred and marginalisation adding further negativity to already demoralised Western nations.

The only ones who benefit from these organisations are the people at the top of the hierarchical structure who control and receive donations from people who have been fooled into parting with their money. Enemies of the West also benefit from the BLM and ANTIFA riots because it destabilises the West, in a sense warming up the battlefield for war and eventual invasion. The useful idiots are therefore inadvertently working for the West’s enemies.

If there were truly aware and effective governments in power in the West today, they would come down hard on these organisations, which are effectively operating as domestic terrorist outfits for the enemies of the West. Unfortunately, the Western governments are apathetic and slow to act, weakened by decades of socialism and laziness. Nothing will be done, and this is why the West may very well lose the next world war when it comes.

There is no socialist utopia these naive fools can go to, that is apart from the land of milk and honey — Venezuela.

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