Biden: “Hand Over Your Guns America”

DELAWARE - USA - Joe Biden is coming closer to banning all guns from Americans by creating new laws.

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Joe Biden and the American socialist party are getting closer to banning guns in America.

“We want to make it so hard to own a gun with all the bureaucracy and checks, as well as new executive orders banning parts of guns that you won’t be able to own any, and if you do, it will be mandatory confiscation,” Biden said on Thursday.

Millions of Americans will now be viewed as felons due to the executive orders Biden has recently introduced.

The six executive orders Biden has directed the DOJ to address will mean that AR-15 pistol brace devices—speciality slings that replace standard shoulder stocks—could potentially outlaw once-legal guns. The rule changes have the potential to turn millions of gun owners into felons.

“If you own one of these weapons, we’re coming for you, and you better hand it over. C’mon man, what’s wrong with you? Why do you need a gun anyways? It’s not as if it’s unsafe in crime ridden America,” Biden added before forgetting his train of thought.

Complete gun confiscation is the long-lost dream of the Democrat Party, and it’s finally coming true. Unfortunately for the Democrats, Obama, during his reign of terror, did not manage to take guns away from the American people, but now under the Obama third term (indirectly) the onus will be complete gun control, and they are making up any laws they want to complete their action.

Every tyrannical state in history has always disarmed their population, because they fear their citizens. To not have the ability to defend yourself runs counter to any real American, who were effectively born with a 44 Magnum in their hands.

Totalitarian tiptoe

The Biden administration are not going for a sudden confiscation scenario but bit by bit, and one day Mr and Mrs America will wake up in a country when all firearms are not allowed to be owned legally.

“When they come for your guns, hand them over and smile, because the criminals in your neighbourhood will be the only ones who own guns now, but you will not be able to do. How’s that for the ultimate kick in the teeth?” one guy said on hearing the news.