President Trump: Third Time Lucky

FLORIDA - USA - President Trump spoke at the CPAC conference to a packed crowd of fans, outlining his future plans, much to the annoyance of socialists

As Beijing Biden is holed up in his basement, a sitting corpse shitting mothballs and covered in cobwebs, a sprightly President Trump jumped out onto the CPAC 2021 stage.

The huge amount of support for Trump is evident as the crowds clapped and cheered throughout the president’s speech.

President Trump is going to go for a third win in 2024, but it is hard to see how he can win again if the American electoral system is so compromised. Hopefully, some integrity can be brought to the American electoral system in the future, however under the current corrupt conditions this is highly unlikely.

President Trump’s popularity must really grate with America’s socialists, and one can almost hear a collective groaning as Trump touted his 97% popularity poll amongst GOP.

Has President Trump forgotten about those in the GOP who dug their knives deep into his back only 6 weeks ago? One would hope that many of the cowardly betrayers will be hunted down and turfed out of the Republican Party, once and for all.

There was certainly no Stasi Cancel Culture around President Trump on his speech, as he talked to his heart’s content without anyone deleting him.

Looks like the worst nightmare of the socialist Americans has awakened once again. It will certainly be a beautiful sight to behold as they try to thwart Trump’s third coming in 2024. Start planning your deceitful thieving tricks now Democrats, you’re gonna need all the fraud you can muster in four years time.