Cameron: “Darling, Will You Please Pass the Olive Oil Jug”

IBIZA - Spain - Mr Cameron has been pictured soaking up the Balearic sunshine and sipping coffee with his wife Samantha on holiday.

The Prime Minister looks blissfully relaxed during a break taken with his family.

“I think the PM is taking chillaxing to whole new levels,” a member of the opposition Labour party said on Sunday.

During his three week stay, the PM and his family will stay at a luxury villa provided by one of his Old Etonian pals, enjoying the luxurious swimming pool, promenades and excursions around the island.

“Frankly, I don’t blame Dave for taking time off, there’s nothing more ghastly than a few beheadings all over the place, and then you’ve got the awful chavs bringing out their flowers and messing up the pavements with all their hystrionics. Its all gone a bit Diana if you ask me,” a Tory insider revealed.