Obama Set For Another Beach Vacation This Summer

WASHINGTON DC - USA - President Obama and his family are set for another multi-million dollar beach vacation this summer the White House has announced.

“It’s that time of year again. Surf board, check, swimming trunks, check, Marine holding umbrella, check,” President Obama quipped as he was set to fly out to Hawaii today for another three month vacation.

So far since coming into office Obama has played 115 rounds of golf and spent 86 days on vacation, equalling an estimated 976 hours.

The cost of these vacations totals over $78 million, and during his first term as president his Hawaii vacations alone cost the US taxpayer a whopping $20 million.

“I needs my vacations, and it’s not only me, check out Michelle’s trips to Spain and South Africa during my first term, they cost the taxpayer over $45 million. It’s just chump change though, I know Americans are struggling right now to even put food on the table but I’m telling you right now, I gots to get my vacation.” Obama said on Friday.