World Governments Concede They Do Not Actually Own Anything

LONDON - England - A consortium of world governments which met in the capital this morning have revealed they have no right to claim ownership over anything on planet earth.

“We have come to the conclusion that there are no actual borders or nations. We made the laws up but they mean nothing and no one has the right to say they own a piece of land because it is part of the planet earth and cannot be owned. We therefore relinquish our false claim on the earth and will erase the laws which we have created to enslave people over many centuries,” a spokesman for the G196 World Summit told reporters.

The talks included members from 196 nations and the purpose of the event was to erase all forms of finance, law and nation states.

“What we are saying in very basic parlance is that it’s all made up. All these systems, documents, files, laws, religions, bureaucracy and red tape is all bull shit. It does not actually mean a thing and never has. The papers and documents you have to sign every day to do anything are totally irrelevant. The bills you have to pay to people and organisations just to exist on land that is not owned by the people who are making you pay them does not exist. They are making you pay taxes on things that they do not own. How can you make someone else pay you for something you do not own? The intrinsic value of something is unquantifiable when it comes to ownership of land or property. Money does not actually exist. The government, corporation, conglomerate, religious organisation does not own anything, no government has the right to own a thing. If you exist on planet earth why should you have to pay anyone anything? Think about it and wake up,” a reformed former member of a government told reporters outside the venue meeting place.

There were cheers from the assembled crowd when the news that all governments worldwide would finally relinquish their grip of corrupt greed over the people and creatures of the earth.