Cynthia A. Johnson Democrat Member of the Michigan House of Representatives Threatens to Murder Conservatives

DETROIT - USA - When it comes to the face of hate, Cynthia A. Johnson and her evil words take the award.

face of hate
Cynthia A. Johnson - The Face of Hate

Imagine an MP for the Labour Party, or Conservative Party in Britain threatening death and murder on voters in a public Facebook post. This is what Cynthia A. Johnson, a Democrat (American Socialist Party) member of the House of Representatives has done, and she is asking for communist insurgent groups like Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA to rise up and kill conservative people in America.

What happens in America would not be tolerated here in Britain, because we have some form of standard in political discourse and choice of MPs (even in the Labour Party). This is not the case in America though, and scum like Cynthia Johnson, are applauded for their evil words encouraging genocide by her own party members.

They say the eyes are the mirror of the soul, well, if you look at this thing, there is literally no soul. The eyes are soulless, lifeless black holes devoid of any compassion or soul.

Being a socialist Marxist black woman as well obviously has afforded this venal vindictive vile cunt a passport to spout her hate filled words without repercussion. It is her privilege of course, as she is part of the protected minority allowed to get away with anything they want in America. No one will see any Democrat member or voter decry this awful piece of slime, this putrid suppurating pustule is not only ugly on the outside, but on the inside as well.


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