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Second Pandemic: Mystery Indian Eluru Flu Hospitalizes 400

ELURU - India - A mystery Eluru Flu virus that is baffling doctors has appeared hospitalizing 400 people in the region.

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COVID-19 was possibly a dry run for something even bigger, as a mysterious illness hospitalizes hundreds of people in India. The Eluru Flu seems to cause neurological problems, fits and loss of consciousness.

Hyderabad: Nearly 400 people have contracted a mystery illness at Eluru in Andhra Pradesh — 150 of the 380 patients are admitted in hospitals. One person, a 45-year-old, died on December 5.  It is not clear yet what is causing the disease. People suffer fits and nausea and fall unconscious.

The symptoms include convulsions, seizure and neurological symptoms, and they are the same across age groups and gender, said state health commissioner K Bhasker Rao.


The Wuhan Virus started spreading at around the same time in November/December 2019 although the Chinese authorities suppressed the information to the rest of the globe until late January 2020 allowing it to spread globally. It is hoped that the early reporting of this medical emergency by the Indian authorities of a potentially lethal new virus will curtail any new pandemic from occurring.

Coronavirus was found in Italian boy, four, in November 2019, study finds in latest evidence China hid Covid-19 truth from the world

The good news is that this time, the WHO have been allowed on the ground to investigate, unlike what happened in Wuhan where no one was allowed near the area.

Former Microsoft head, Bill Gates, has repeatedly mentioned in his interviews about other deadly viral strains causing pandemics, therefore it is within reason that these events are expected. Bill Gates is also the founder through his foundation of https://id2020.org/ which may be instrumental in future chipping programs conducted globally.

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