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Has Harry Sold Out His Own Mother Diana For Netflix Cash?

LOS ANGELES - USA - The late Princess Diana would no doubt be sickened at the Harry and Meghan Netflix sellout for millions of dollars off the back of her and the royals.

What is the price of dignity? What is the price of selling out your own deceased mother for profit? It seems none of these issues concern Harry and his money grabbing wife seeing as they signed up to a sell-out Netflix deal themselves.

The Netflix program The Crown’s latest series effectively portrays the royal family as callous beasts, and Princess Diana as a mentally ill child coerced to marry Prince Charles, portrayed as a philandering self-obsessed monster with no feelings for his new bride. Much of this is supposedly fictitious, however many Americans who will view the show will see it as a biographical factual representation of the British royal family.

Harry and Meghan left Britain according to their ‘need for privacy’, and yet, here they are selling off their so-called ‘privacy‘ for bundles of money. Is this not hypocrisy on a grand scale? One could easily postulate that privacy was the least of their concerns, and selling off their royal status to make loads of money off the back of the Windsor name was more in tune to the truth.

The low morals of Harry and Meghan do not befit royalty in any manner, and if the Queen had any gumption left in her right now she should take away the Sussex titles as well. Why should the county of Sussex be besmirched in such a manner anyway?

One can only wait in abject horror on what repulsive nonsense Netflix will reveal in the Harry and Meghan series to be aired soon.

As for poor old Diana stuck in a grave on an island inhabited by black swans on the Spencer estate, she must be rolling around in it at about 1000 RPM.

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