World War II Was Fought For Nothing

LONDON - England - The European Union is testament that the brave men and women who died for our country in World War II gave their lives for nothing.

“We won the battle in 1945 but we’ve lost the war in 2013. David Cameron is set to give the UK away soon,” Gerald Arkwright, 90, a veteran of World War II, who fought on D-Day told the Daily Mirror.

One only has to look at the grip of death the EU has on the UK to see the damage on its sovereignty, economy, its laws and its society.

“EU regulations now dictate everything in Britain. You can’t swing a cat without some faceless unelected EU bureaucrat telling you you have to pay a fine. The hospitals are creaking with poor EU migrants, our jobs have all been taken and our schools are going under with the massive influx. The EU Human Rights laws are abused by ruthless money-grabbing lawyers so we can’t even deport foreign convicted criminals and terrorists from our own land. Our grandfathers fought and died for nothing because I just have to look around the overcrowded streets to see that,” an angry Briton said from his trolley in a hospital corridor.