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Do You Have a Case of IDS?

SALFORD - England - The chance's are if you are on state benefits you might have a case of IDS, doctors are saying.

“We’re getting loads of people coming in day in day out saying they’ve got a bad case of the IDS. It’s putting a real strain on our surgery,” local GP, Dr. Narayan Bungolawa, told the Manchester Post.

According to NHS officials IDS is caught when people go to their local benefits office to sign on.

“It’s an irrational fear that IDS will take away their benefits or Job Seekers Allowance. We’re also getting a lot of disabled people with IDS and pensioners too. It’s a very sad condition and can severely impair one’s thought processes,” an NHS worker revealed to the BBC.

Doctors have warned that IDS is quite contagious and there is no cure for it.

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