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Concentration Camp Diet Latest Hollywood Celebrity Weight Loss Craze

LOS ANGELES - USA - Hollywood celebs are flocking to lose those stubborn pounds of flab with the latest diet craze to hit the celebrity circuit.

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Doctor Arnold Weiss pioneered the diet which claims to be able to shift the fat like no other diet in the world.

“Once you pay for the Concentration Camp Diet, you can kiss the flab goodbye forever. You won’t just lose weight you’ll never see it ever again, that is if you survive.”

The controversial diet starts as soon as the client enters the doctor’s office in Beverly Hills and pays $17,800.

“As soon as you pay, we own you. There is no get out clause once you sign the contract. The clients are rounded up at gunpoint by the diet guards, put in a crowded cattle truck and transported to our secret camp somewhere in the Mojave desert. There is no food or water for the eight hour journey and when they arrive they are pushed out onto the platform in front of the barking Alsations. The clients are then directed to either go left or to the right depending on their weight. The Concentration Camp Diet regime lasts for 10 months and is so gruelling that some clients don’t make it,” the doctor revealed.

Steven Spielberg was even consulted to design the Concentration Diet camp to replicate his masterpiece film, Schindlers List.

Paris Hilton has already signed up and so has Lindsay Lohan. Roseanne Barr signed up 11 months ago but no one has heard from her since.

One prospective client luckily escaped the ordeal by finding an alternative method of losing weight and saved herself thousands of dollars as well as possibly her life. Others, were not so lucky.

“They put us in a striped uniform and made us break rocks all day under the beating sun. Whenever I hear someone speaking German now I hide under the table. They fed us one piece of stale bread every two weeks and even pulled the fillings from my mouth while I was still awake. I thought I was at a Sea Org Scientology camp sometimes it was so brutal,” Gina Frankel, a client who lost over 18 stone (252 lbs) in weight during her sentence, revealed to Woman’s Weekly magazine.

Peaches Geldof, who goes through about five different celeb fads a week is now looking into the Concentration Camp Diet because she says that it sounds “so with it”.

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