Duke of Edinburgh Denies Queen Gave Him Black Eye

TORONTO - Canada - Buckingham Palace has denied rumours about the Duke of Edinburgh's badly-bruised eye during a trip to Canada.

Prince Philip, 91, said he did not fall on the Queen’s handbag when she was swinging it around.

The duke earlier joked that he did not want any moose pie or a lumberjack uniform whilst he presented a new ceremonial flag to 3rd Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment, in Toronto. He is the regiment’s colonel-in-chief.

He then told the assembled Canadians: “At least you’re not Americans.”

Hundreds of people gathered to watch the military ceremony which featured parachutists and rappel teams racing down the side of a building.

He told troops that “in a world where there is so much senseless violence, like even in one’s own bloomin’ palace, the regiment has an enviable reputation for peacekeeping. Maybe I should get you to sort Lizzie out”.

The Queen is known to have a vicious temper, and one time hung Prince Charles up by his ears with clothes pegs when he was 12 because he did not feed her corgis on time.

“I’ve had to live with her for years. I’m a vicious brute myself, but next to her I’m nothing,” the duke later quipped.