What the Hell Happened to the White House?

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - People are wondering what happened to the White House. It seems like there's something different about it.


Instead of Melania’s much loved Christmas decorations, people have been seeing something different in the White House these days.

Nadine Hoffer, a visitor from Montana, drove ten hours with her family to come to the White House to wish President Trump a happy return from hospital when she was confronted by the large alien-like structures.

“We drove all the way from Montana to wish the president a happy recovery from that imaginary disease they all talkin’ about. We don’t wear masks, because we don’t believe in the Covid-19 hoax. It’s just unchristian to wear a mask. I believe in Jesus, he could walk on water, but I don’t believe in coronavirus. If you can’t see it, it ain’t true! But this, what the hell happened here?”

President Trump, who recently discharged himself from hospital despite the wishes of his team of physicians returned to a deserted White House.

“I came back! I called out to everyone! Hey, I’m back! There was no answer. Where’s Kayleigh, where’s the team? I had to walk all the way to the East Wing to find Melania! She said everyone got sick after I infected them all! Then I saw all these growths, yeesh, like big melons with tentacles, kinda like Stormy but with extra bits added!”

No one really knows how to get rid of these things now growing all over the White House, but on some of them there’s a clue — a Made in China stamp. Maybe this would be somewhere to look so the White House can be clean again.