Global Recession Starting to Really Annoy Me Says Man

GRIMSBY - England - The bankers have had their multiple bailouts as have other business leaders in high places and high ranking government officials, but what of the ordinary man and woman? There were no bailouts for them.

A man in Grimsby’s Town Centre stands on a soap box and shouts: “Who’s going to bailout the ordinary citizen? With the banking industry getting vast bailouts so that the high class escorts, champagne and coke does not run out, the question is still relevant today as the bank-created recessions are still going on. Where is the voice of the common man?”

There are disheartened voices all over the world but none more so than in this grim Northern English town, which rarely sees any sunlight let alone hope.

“The banks created the recession with a credit crunch, and then they were bailed out by the taxpayer. I’m fed up of it all. Why don’t we get bailouts? Why can’t I go to my bank manager and ask for a bailout? Why is the tax that I pay after I break my back every day working a gruelling job going to a banker so he can slip the cash into a stripper’s pair of tights on a pole dance stage? These are questions I want to ask,” Niall Elsingham, a factory worker from Grimsby, Lincolnshire told local news outlets.

Since 2008, the world’s economy has been under constant attack. Will there be any respite soon from the constant onslaught? If not, then there could be mass civil unrest, but maybe that is what the elite want to happen.

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