Americans Tried to Escape Taxes But Now Swimming in Them

BOSTON - USA - America was created as a place which was away from the punitive taxes of England, but now it is catching up to what it originally tried to escape from.

America’s achievements throughout history have altogether been wiped out under the Obama administration as he has introduced more nanny state laws and taxes than any other president in the country’s history.

“The Boston tea party is irrelevant now and our nation has gone backwards into socialism, debt and discord. We created our country for nothing now because Obama has raised taxes to such a level that it’s not even worth starting a business, employing people, or getting a job. You’re simply working for 95% of the year to pay your U.S. tax bill. That is not what America should be, and that is not why it was founded,” an unemployed American man said from a Welfare office yesterday.

Over 42.2 million Americans are now on foodstamps, and 41% of Americans are unemployed. With a debt that now stands at $222 trillion, it does not take an economist to see that when China stops bankrolling the U.S things are going to change very rapidly.

“You can work for 16 hours a day on $3.50 an hour and pay tax on that or get nothing, The choice is yours fuckwads,” the Democrat Senator for Illinois said yesterday.

The Pilgrims escaped England and the American Revolution was fought for freedom from punitive English taxation but now it seems that America is sinking in a quicksand so deep that it may never recover thanks to Obama’s socialist policies.

“You increase taxation on nothing, and you get nothing. Americans have not got anything left to be taken. We are already in huge debt, with no jobs and no industry. Who’s gonna pay the interest on the deficit? Obama sure ain’t, he’s too busy trying to take your guns away on the golf course,” another angry American said.

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