First Mama Michelle Obama in Chitlin Kitchen Hell

WASHINGTON DC - USA - First lady, Michelle Obama has been involved in a White House fracas that has caused some friction in the presidential household.

Michelle Obama has already been responsible for countless members of the White House staff to leave in abject disgrace after falling out with the First Lady.

“I seen her throw knives in the kitchen if the chitlins ain’t cooked right. I was washing some collard greens and she didn’t think I did it right, nigga crazy! I left after that!” Jaeneisha Latonga, an ex-White House cook revealed.

While Barack Obama acts like a jumped up dictator above ground, in the White House kitchens, the staff despair at the female dictator who is prone to bullying and thuggery of the highest order.

“I was cooking the Obamas they favourite meal, hogs maw, chitlins, ham hock, corn bread, cockscombs wit’ rice and beans, hmm, hmm when she came in and started shouting at me that I ain’t cookin’ it like her mama cooked it. I said ‘bitch cook this’ and threw a bowl of chicken feet at her. I never seen eyes like that, I gots thrown out with the trash without pay, shiiet!” Edna Jackson, a cook who is now working for a downtown Washington DC restaurant recalled.

The Obama’s like to have their food cooked the right way or there is hell to pay.

“When it come to soul food you gots to do it right but what da Obamas doin’ is actin’ like communisses. This ain’t no Marxiss? This ain’t no Stallin show huh? They’s got to get wit’ treatin’ they staff right. Ima have to go git anutha zone, anutha massa cuz this sucks. Stop wit da dictatin’ an’ shieet!” an anonymous White House kitchen worker said yesterday.

This year the White House kitchen has gone through thirty seven cooks already, up 15% from the same time last year.