Think Tank: British Police Should All Be Armed and Free From Prosecution

LONDON - England - An increasing beleaguered British police force needs to be armed fully with vast increases in funding, the Crime and Policing think tank has revealed in a new White Paper.

british police
Two unarmed police officers, standing outside Westminster Parliament.

The current state of the British police is outdated, and not commensurate to the current situation within the country, a prominent think tank has surmised.


“The state of Britain’s police forces is at a shameful level of impotency, and decline, resulting in a massive nationwide increase in crime.

Unarmed police officers not only put their own lives in danger every day, but they have been deemed irrelevant by criminals and terrorists, who do not feel compelled to be worried by the British police in any capacity.

“All British police men and women should be trained in the use of firearms, and all police forces should be armed on active duty within public places.

“The recent BLM riots are an indicator to how much rot has set in to the police forces of Britain. The police could only stand by and watch as the riots were allowed to continue unabated.

“Arming all active duty officers with tasers is not enough, there has to be a policy of armed takedowns of criminals. Furthermore, police officers should be allowed to freely put down criminals without the fear of prosecution or extended tribunals, which are not only a hampering of the police force, but put an unnecessary burden on the taxpayer.

“BLM and ANTIFA riots should be showered with live ammunition, and there should be an increased usage of pepper spray, as well as water cannons spraying pepper into the rioters.

“Any element found vandalising statues should be first warned before armed response if they do not halt their actions. Looters should also be shot on sight, if they do not halt after being warned.

“There should also be an increase in Stop and Search, without any form of racial limits or fear of tribunals.

“All officers in England and Wales should also be trained and armed with sub-machine weapons, and shotguns. Heckler and Koch G36 or MP5SF, as well as the Benelli M4 Super 90 shotgun and the standard issue Glock 17.

“The climate has changed for the worse, and it is within this capacity that the police forces, should not be looked upon as cannon fodder for the criminals to have their way with, Britain’s police forces must adjust to the times, or they will continue to be mostly irrelevant.

“It is up to the current government to address these important issues, and to increase funding, training, arming of Britain’s police forces to address the further challenges of the 21st Century.”

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