COVID-19 Sheeple Desecrate British Beaches

BOURNEMOUTH - England - Hundreds of thousands of sheeple have desecrated British beaches despite warnings of spreading the COVID-19 virus.

It seems the sheeple have no control over themselves, that’s why these lemming crowds are called sheeple.

As soon as the so-called lockdown ended and the weather opened up, the sheeple all descended on Britain’s beaches at the same time.

Now, there’s a few things wrong with this, but we’re not going to explain the obvious.

The sheeple being who they are, all crammed into one sub-human globule of excremental stool movement, and defiled the beaches, littering the sand with their rubbish, their cannisters of hippy crack, their plastic bags and their tin cans.

Who in their right mind would want to be sandwiched amongst these stinking, sweating obscenities, all shouting, babies crying, yobs kicking footballs around, sink estate sub-species, chav scum Untermensch all crammed like oiled sardines, all hopefully spreading deadly pathogens amongst themselves?

Meanwhile, the impotent police and government can only watch, powerless to do anything.

The only possible consolation to this idiocy is that many of these lemmings will hopefully be infected with COVID-19, maybe a particularly virile strain that will take them and their horrid families all out of the gene pool once and for all.