COVID-19 Virus is Happy That People are Out and About Again

MANCHESTER - England - It's back to infecting humans for the COVID-19 virus as they all come out of hiding.

COVID-19 Back to Work

The COVID-19 virus needs to feed, and it’s no use when people are hiding away isolating themselves from the virus.

This is why the COVID-19 virus is now extremely happy that dumbfuck idiots are out there once again getting infected and infecting others.

Second Wave

Even though the coronavirus is not alive, it has feelings too, aww…

“We as a virus were rather concerned and sad that humans were hiding away from us, but thankfully most of them are too fucking dumb, and idiotic to realise that we are still around, and we have not gone away. Please go to the clothes shops, and continue to not wear masks, and have parties, maybe go to the pub, or whatever you fucking meat sacks who have no self-control have to do. Let the airlines fly, and don’t forget your corona-holiday, where we will infect you so you can spread us around the globe once again. Deee-licious…yum, yum!”

Yes, the airlines are back to their normal state of not only polluting the atmosphere irreparably but ferrying millions of meat sacks around the globe so they can be welcome hosts to COVID-19 in those lovely hotels the virus loves so much.

It’s only a matter of time of course before the silly humans realise that something is very wrong..oops..