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The Vindictive Nature of Dismantling Other Cultures Because of Jealousy

LONDON - England - As groups like BLM and ANTIFA desecrate historical monuments and statues, as well as seek to erase history, is there an element of jealousy in their cowardly actions?


Could much of what is going on right now with destroying statues and demanding the destruction of white European culture, be not so much to do with racism, but a deep-seated jealousy?

It is true in history, some cultures excelled, they conquered, they innovated, they utilised technology to their benefit, whilst other cultures did nothing, and carried on as they have always done for thousands of years.


The Romans, 2,500 years ago had viaducts, underfloor heating, theatres, vast architectural accomplishments, and complex political systems, whereas the Africans lived in huts 2,500 years ago, and in some villages today, they still live in primitive huts. It was only with the colonial input in the 19th century that railroads were built in some African nations, and eventually other European inventions were introduced to the African countries used today in mainly urban areas. If the colonials had not gone to Africa, Africans today would still have not embraced modern technology. Why is that?

Why do some cultures, innovate, and continually progress, whereas other cultures just stand still?

All humanity emanated from the continent of Africa, spreading across many different global zones. Those that stayed in Africa stayed the same, but the human genetic elements that scattered evolved in different ways due to environmental reasons and genetic mutations over thousands of years.

The ancient Egyptians created a magnificent North African civilisation on the banks of the Nile, but were made up of genetically speaking,  Eastern Mediterranean Europeans from Anatolia, the Levant, Babylon and Messopotania. Sub Saharans during ancient Egyptian times were used as slaves. North Africa, due to Mediterranean trade movement and inter-cultural mixing with ancient Greece as well as Rome, was wholly separate to Sub-Saharan Africa, and its people.

A recent study concluded that preserved remains found in Abusir-el Meleq, Middle Egypt, were closest genetic relatives of Neolithic and Bronze Age populations from the Near East, Anatolia and Eastern Mediterranean Europeans.

Modern Human and Homo Erectus Man Compared
A portrait of a modern human and a Homo Erectus man side-by-side

Of course, there are many variables to involve when formulating a reason to why some races never evolved further, however these are too numerous to list here.

The key factor to remember here is evolution, some races evolved, and so did their culture, embracing technological advance, whereas the continent of Africa and its inhabitants did not evolve and remained the same. Those who left Africa, interbred with Neanderthals, and this catapulted the evolutionary process.

Those of African descent in Western nations have evolved slightly and achieved great leaps in music, sports and even in some cases built up their own businesses, however one must look at their location, and how they have seriously benefited from living in the West, whereas those in African nations have still been left behind within the scale of global progression.

The mantle of intelligence as well is a very important yet touchy subject, the numerous studies on IQ, have found disturbing disparities with some races. Even one of the scientists who discovered the double helix strands of human DNA, has been effectively ostracised by the scientific community for even suggesting through his analysis that the disparity in IQ levels between blacks and whites is due to genetics. Of course, one must also factor in things like environment, as well as economic, social correlates. No doubt, this was a very controversial thing to say within a society that is very politically correct, however the disparity in intelligence levels could somehow be a way of understanding why throughout human history, some races sped ahead, and others stood still, only eventually moving ahead with the assistance and technology of the culture that innovated.

The explorers, the scientists, the traders and inventors who made Western history brought the globe forward in technology and technique. Without their sheer hard work, there would not be the immense technological shifts that have benefited humanity, but the cultures that stayed behind, and were not capable of innovation or technique never changed, they were and are stuck even today.

It was all a big race, and the white Europeans won that race, throughout the centuries, they have utilised pretty much everything within the earth to benefit their lives, enriching their minds, and making life easier to live. They conquered and won the prize, they took the land, and built their magnificent cities with towering structures, they brought forth air, road, space travel, they invented complex machines.

This is why you cannot erase history, just because you are jealous of far superior, conquering civilisations. Something that great cannot be undone, especially by the vindictive, jealous people who have no great civilisation, or historic innovation to talk about. History has already been written, and you’re not in it, but this should not make you any less human, it’s just the way it is, deal with it.

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