It pays to be a bookshop owner in a Black Lives Matter riot and looting session, as they have gone completely untouched in the rioting all over American cities.

“I sat in my bookshop all day with a baseball bat waiting for the looters. Not a single one came through the door, not even a brick. Across the road was the Nike store, everything looted within five minutes, the liquor store and tobacco emporium all looted. I see looters walking around with boxes of iPhones and shoes. I’m still waiting here, for my first looter, please come soon, I have been waiting for hours,” a bookshop owner in Santa Monica revealed.

No one knows why bookshops are completely ignored by the predominantly ‘young people’ looting?

One daring reporter for some network asked a looter about the strange anomaly.

“Yo we loot real shit man, what ma gundo wit a book? N*gga, I never read a book in my life, and I’m 74. Black Lives Matter! Remember dat!” a homeless man with about thirty pairs of expensive trainers in a trolley said before disappearing around the corner.

Black lives and rioting matter, but it seems book reading don’t..matter.