Lockdown End: Swarms Back on the Streets

LONDON - England - The swarms of people are back on the streets, and the traffic jams are back pumping poison back into the atmosphere. Coronavirus for many has now ended.

swarms post-lockdown

All over the world, desperate nations are putting their economies before safety, and ending lockdowns.

Once again, the roads are full of bumper to bumper traffic, and that pollution haze has come back with a vengeance.

The swarms are out on the streets, all walking together in formation, all in unison, there is no purpose to their stroll, but they are simply glad to be able to see other people and to walk together in crowds once again. Despite the Chinese Virus still being present, the swarm does not care any more, they have to do what they do, and be damned with any consequences that may or not happen.

The sun is a healer, and many are now enjoying the benefits of those warm rays upon their bodies, and souls, so who is to blame the swarms, they are of one mind, and of no mind, as they all swarm like locusts once again to those parks, boardwalks, beaches and beauty spots.

In zombie movies, why do zombies swarm together in crowds? Same reason that the post-lockdown live humans are doing today, it is a primeval, basic neural instinctual program that sees these swarms take place.

According to everyone, the science can be damned and the fact the COVID-19 Chinese Virus is still out there seeking more human meat sacks to invade is neither here nor there, businesses and schools must be opened and this will naturally bring the all too important economy back.

Bringing the economies of these vast consumer cultures back is a prerequisite for governments — people need to keep buying useless stuff they don’t need again. The Chinese Virus, has the same mindset, to flourish it needs the humans to swarm those all too familiar places, and its economy of spreading far and wide can continue once again.

The definition of madness they say is doing the same thing over and over again, and thinking you will get a different result, well, this is exactly what the deluded governments across the world are doing. They changed nothing, and learned nothing, and are attempting to continue as if there was no viral pandemic, purely for their all important economies. This is where they will fall down, and the Chinese Virus will welcome the human meat sacks and their urgency to restart their economies so quickly.

It’s going to be feeding time once again — the food is out on the platter — swarming.