Mass EU Third World Immigration Means Death of UK Welfare State

LONDON - England - The already overcrowded British cities are heaving at the seams with people. Resources are pushed to the limit and yet there will be a further deluge when EU restrictions are lifted in 2013 when some of the poorest EU countries will be given free passes to send their poor unemployed unskilled populations to the UK.

“Britain’s post-war welfare state was created in an altogether different time. Unfortunately for it, it is in its final death throes as the unlimited immigration from the EU will kill it off completely within a few years. It does not take a rocket scientist to see that millions of very poor unskilled people who do not pay tax, coming to our shores, who expect to be given full care with their families will make the NHS, and Benefits system redundant,” Raymond Churchill, a senior Whitehall civil servant revealed on Friday.

Unelected officials in Brussels know full well that letting the UK take the burden of some of the EU’s poorest nations is a sure fire way of destroying Britain from the inside.

“We not only destroy the population demographic of the UK but we also destroy your cherished welfare state and then your economy. We also destroy your countryside, because you have to build over it to house the EU and Third World migrants. This is one way of ensuring that Britain is forced into the eurozone whether she likes it or not by destroying your coveted British class system, welfare state and culture,. Divide and conquer, as you used to call it, n’est pas?” an unelected EU technocrat told the BBC’s Newsnight from the EU parliament last week.

Once Britain’s welfare system is reduced to a bare bones limited system, there may be some civil unrest but this is a small price to pay for the UK taxpayers’ tax burden being relieved.

“In the UK one has to work for 295 days in the year before you make any money for yourself, and then you are free from tax burden. About 90% of that taxation you pay is shoring up the welfare state. If that huge burden goes, then you will actually work for something and not support people who do not want to work,” Alfred Mollison, 56, a self employed businessman from Leicestershire told the BBC.