U.S. Could Turn into Pumpkin After Midnight 31st December

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Fiscal Cliff or Fiscal Stiff, there is no sign of any movement on a deal to avert imminent economic disaster in January 2013 as the huge Obama tax hikes threaten to suck America into a vast maelstrom of shit.

Obama is Cinderella. Boehner, Pelosi and Geithner are the three ugly sisters and America is the carriage going over the cliff. As for the glass slippers, those will be replaced by a pair of concrete boots for Obama when he is thrown feet first into a lake somewhere after the U.S. falls off its Fiscal Cliff.

“Everyone should be prepared for what is going to happen when the U.S. falls off the Fiscal Cliff. First things first, go buy yourselves a bucket load of lube because the every day citizen is going to get it up the ass. Forget about a pension, there won’t be one left when the Dow Jones is at 3,000. As for your jobs, well when you get laid off at least you will have your health huh?. Oh shoot, forget about that too, because your health insurance will be cancelled too. What about the cost of gas? Well, forget about driving because when the U.S. Dollar loses its Fiat currency status, then crude oil will have to be paid for with the same prices the rest of the world pays. We’re talking a 65% price hike, and with the distances Americans travel in our great land, you better get that pony and cart out and get back on the trail. Food is another issue, if you ain’t got a job, no income and the government can’t afford food stamps any more, what do you do then? I know, sell your guns to Obama’s goons for groceries to feed your starving family. God bless the American dream,” Earl Eisenhardt, a retired policeman from Prairie Falls, Wichita told local radio stations.