The coronavirus pandemic will last for more than two years, and there is no way to colour it any other way. To effect real change global technologically developed governments need to work to utilise this time under coronavirus lockdown to plan for a new future.

Developed nations need to eradicate fossil fuel using vehicles, and completely integrate electric vehicles.

Schools should only teach pupils from home through other interfaces, eventually when the technology is in place in the future pupils will be able to download knowledge directly.

Most businesses are unnecessary, and only core companies will survive, although the next step will ensure each global zone is fully sustainable in its own right, and if cut off from other zones due to any disaster or virus, would survive with no problem.

Most politicians and parliaments have been shown to be irrelevant during the pandemic, and this is why governments must think of a slimmed down state, and to relieve most MPs from their posts. In Britain, the House of Lords is completely useless and should be dissolved immediately.

If the population is reduced sufficiently, maybe a universal basic income scheme can be introduced for every citizen, however this can only be introduced if the numbers are in the right sweet spot. Post virus, there may even be room to introduce a managed breeding program, where births are regulated at a sustainable level.

The whole economic facade, the capitalist system and Keynesian technique must be overhauled, as well as globalist networks must have definitive points where connections can be cut in times of upheaval. Circuit breakers withstanding, stock markets are now algo nightmares that must be tamed, through careful regulation.

The West must counteract the globe’s rogue nations by reintroducing the compulsory military draft.

The developed Western nations must remove their reliance on communist China, because if they do not, they will eventually fall prey to their increasing demands. China, due to its use of coronavirus as an economic weapon, must be completely removed from the International community and extreme economic sanctions put in place. In effect, China must be taken back to the dark ages where it belongs, and if the West does not make it a pariah state, the West will not survive what China has planned. The West must remove China’s military capabilities, or they will eventually attack. Russia will also hold an existential threat to the West, especially with their military.

The next pandemic could be a genetically created one targeting certain races, or populations, as China has already shown with the devastating effects of COVID-19, there is always the threat that either they or some other rogue nation may develop another deadly pathogen targeted for certain gene maps.

Contrary to the denizens of liberal policy, the West must shut its borders to the Third World and other lesser developing nations. This fortress mentality will be the only way to preserve and survive in the future, as well as increase technologically. The West also needs to develop defence systems that cannot be breached, and offence systems that cannot be defended against. These weapons will ensure the subservience of the lesser nations, and stop all thought of warfare.