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Britain Preparing For 48 Million Romanians and Bulgarians

LONDON - England - Britain's pleasant and green countryside is being prepared for the massive influx of immigrants from Europe's poorest countries in 2013, Tory ministers have revealed.

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The EU’s policy of open borders will lift the restriction for working in the UK on December 31st when Romania and Bulgaria’s temporary work limits end.

“See that oak tree over there? Well we’re going to bulldoze it in an hour’s time. It’s been there for 250 years. It’s going to be gone in a minutes. We’re then going to build box houses and sink estates all over this area and concrete over everything. These are the new EU directives. No more rolling green fields, no more ancient forests, no more rivers, brooks or streams, no more castles. It’s all got to be bulldozed over,” a construction worker in the Cotswolds told gathered reporters at the scene of the crime.

Unfortunately because of the massive population increase from Romania and

Bulgaria, Green Belt land and the English countryside will be built over soon with social housing

The British countryside used to be a beautiful patchwork of rolling azure fields, connected with meandering old roads, quaint stone walls dotted with ancient villages. This is now all going to go when the massive influx will destroy everything.

“It’s not just the fields and forests that will be ploughed up and concreted over, the whole ecosystem that has survived for thousands of years will be completely destroyed. Once this goes, it never comes back. It is forever destroyed and lost in the grey concrete hell that will come; spreading like a cancer across the land, infiltrating every burrow, every blade of grass. No one is going to say anything about this are they? Just watch it on your telly, then switch on to X Factor afterwards. Don’t even bat an eyelid about it, there are more important things to think about like which celeb is coming out of the jungle next,” Jane Featherstone, a countryside activist told the BBC.


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  1. I don’t wanna be disrespectful with anyone but…48 million? if i’m not mistaken that is almost twice the population of Romania and Bulgaria combined.
    I’m from Romania, living and working abroad for almost 7 years now and I have to be honest, there’s a part of my countrymen that are going abroad just for commiting robbery and all sort of illegal stuf but… most of us are out there working hard to make a better life for ourselves.
    The problem in the UK the way i see it…way to much social welfare, while the goverment keeps going on offering all these social benefits it’s pretty obvious that there won’t be to many people bothering themselves with work.
    one last thing ….imagine how would be one day in the UK with all the immigrants on strike!
    I don’t think you would like it.

  2. fear of romanians and bulgarians?????why don't u fear..immigrants that come from outside u.e.??????uk,,,has more asilum seekers,,than immigrants………u let asilum seekers in,,,keep them on guverment money,,,,,,,and take'it with romanians and bulgarians ,,who pay taxes to keep:black,brits,indians..on benefits………….people get REAL!leave the trees alone…lol…

  3. Vlad Rotariu, nu ai dreptul sa califici pe nimeni drept lipsit de umor! De ce intotdeauna romanii si bulgarii sunt ciuca bataii?? UK e plin de polonezi care NU VOR sa invete engleza, e plin de musulmani care NU VOR sa respecte legile britanice, ei aplica Sharia…. SO! cu ce sunt eu mai prejos sa imi ia tot timpul tara in deradere??? Am fost la Londra in vizita, nu as vrea sa traiesc acolo cu tot "mix"-ul lor de rase. Se falesc ca ei sunt atat de buni si accepta atat de usor multiculturalismul in schimb cand e sa scrie un articol ca asta, pe care tu si alti reta-rzi pe aici il considerati PLIN DE UMOR, in cine sa loveasca? Romania si Bulgaria, ca oricum aia s-au obisnuit! Hai fugi si trage un pui de somn Vladutz, si poate in timp inveti sa gandesti!

  4. What a LIE!
    Bulgaria`s population is barely 6 million. Most of the people come to WORK and PAY TAXES to your country! This is only the goverment`s fault for so many people going into Britain only to claim benefits. I don`t like it either, because of people that come only for that people think that everyone are like them but NO, it is not true. I am for the free movement of the people and for human rights but more individual approach is needed in this situation, not restrictive shits. Do not fool people with this photographs from a romanian gypsy ghetto.

  5. Dear David,

    Before you wrote this article have you at least tried to consult wikipedia? Do you have any idea where is Bulgaria and Romania located on the map? Honestly, go home, delete the article and have a rest. It was just a bad dream.

    Make sure next time to have a coffee after you wake up. At least this way you can make sure you are awake before you start writing

    P.S. Would you please mention the source as being One of your Nightmares

  6. Mai Cristina!
    Tu ai fost mai buna acuma ca le-ai aruncat vorbele alea?
    Da-i naibii de imbuibati si lenesi,o stim noi si ei deopotriva.
    Asa isi motiveaza ei lenea si traitul din asistenta sociala.
    Ca nu au joburi ca le iau altii.
    Chiar nu mai puneti la suflet totul:
    Sarbatori fericite ca la noi,la nimenea.
    Noi romanii sa fim sanatosi si cu capul pe umeri
    All the best, for all!!!

  7. I am sorry, but at the moment there is no such thing as MASSIVE POPULATION INCREASE neither in Romania, nor in Bulgaria! Romania currently has a population of 19 million people, and both the political and economical situations are extremely bad. However, it doesn't mean that EVERYONE from the whole country will emigrate to the UK! Stop addressing bad articles towards Romanians! There are hundreds of bright and intelligent students who come to study in the UK every year, and they are law-abiding citizens. Indeed, there will always be exceptions to the rule, but please, STOP generalising! It's hard everywhere, and the UK and its people aren't perfect either. There will always be good and bad people …

  8. UK gov wants this so they can stop all benefits and welfare. NHS will only be for paid peoples. They will allow all the millions extra migrants in so that they can halt benefits bills. Then the riots will begin.


  10. dear romanian compatriots,
    why are u so ignorant? Didn't u know that this site is a legitimate news site ( as our 'beloved' timesnewroman)?

    Terminati cu apucaturile imbecile de lumea a 3-a.La munca!!!

  11. Unfortunately British people are strongly influenced into forming this very bad image about Romanians and our country. I personally live in Germany, but I find this article (and others of the same kind) very disturbing and unrealistic. Yes, gypsies are bad and have brought a bad name over Romania wherever they went, we'd want to get rid of all of them as well, but please don't put everybody in the same pot. I objectively find that the average people in Eastern Europe are just as educated but considerably more warm-hearted than the British, for example.

    And as many other fellow Romanians already said, nobody comes there to destroy anything. We kept our country and culture for thousands of years, and we have the love for nature and traditions in our blood. Get your numbers right: there are about about 19 million Romanians left IN the country at this point, and about 7 million Bulgarians if I remember well.

    Leaving the sense of humor aside (that some people strongly lack, it seems), there's so much to say, but I am concluding with this: I really hope that in a few years we'll be able to look back and laugh at this funny moment in time…

  12. I would like to see an oficial answer from leadership of this newspaper about all these comments… some appollogies for these offenses maded to romanian and bulgarian peoples in this article. I hope that Romanian and Bulgarian embassies will take some actions in court and request some explanations from this newspaper. (Aici este greseala noastra… nu avem un minister de externe care sa apere imaginea Romaniei cu adevarat… pentru chestia asta ca ministru de externe as fi cerut inchiderea ziarului datorita rasismului si batjocurei la adresa Romaniei..

  13. 48 million romanians and bulgarian???????? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha….. BEST JOKE EVER ….both countries together don't have so much population. All the people from Romania and Bulgaria will move the England. Maybe we move to England and the brits move to Bulgaria and Romania… that would be funny

  14. There is a press that lies and that has certain purposes. There are certain nations who think that they are entitled to dominate the world. In the past they had Christian cruciades against the Muslim people. All these were useless things because every time people from every part died. Nothing from all these matters did help the humanity. There are countries which countinuously want wars and confrontation. They like to kill and to think about themselves that they are the best. Now we live in a century when the reason and the culture should predominate. We the people should be able to stop the wars and to stop killing people. We should no longer make differences of race, culture and religion. All of us are people being created by the same God. Some people think that all the Earth belongs to them only. They think about themselves that they are superior people, that they have sophisticated weapons or that they flied in the Cosmos. But they forgot that in the past, in Europe they lived in a semi-wild status while in many areas of Asia or Latin America, in Africa or in certain isels there were advanced cultures. They forgot about that. Now they consider themselves civilized people. But as long as they build weapons to kill and dominate, they remained some wild barbarians. I do not want to provide with names because we all know who are they. It is interesting that they cannot realize how they are seen by the others. Now the world got developed and other people being pillars of the world culture and economy did appear in this world. I think it is the moment for the people to understand that we all should understand each others and to be wise. But the article in this newspaper shows that certain people remained wild and barbarians that is why they are xenophob and rasist. To be xenophob or rasist does mean to be an inferior person. I really hope for this syndrome to not affect the minds of all the British people. I still believe that the British people are intelligent and correct people that is why they will have to make the difference between what is good and what is bad. It would be sad for them to want confrontation, war, to agree to the crimes commited for some useless ideas and also I really hope for them to not accept the rasism and the xenophobia. We, the Romanians, are civilized and educated people and the British people should understand this. They are welcomed to my country where they can live, to develop businesses or to spend holidays. I am sure that they are welcomed also in your countries as long as they know to respect the culture, the traditions and the dignity, too.

  15. Dear mr. Dave Holobone

    I laughed when I read your article.
    Very good compared to the rest of the articles. I love UK (especially Scotland and Northern Ireland)

    The best joke for a long time !!! …. subtle, very subtle !!!

    Regards, kpopesco

  16. Hello,
    I'm also Romanian and I'd like to apologize for the obvious lack of sense of humor some of my co-nationals seem to exhibit in the comments above. It's probably due to some twin-like articles published by glorious tabloids as The Sun in the past few years, articles that may have lead some Romanians to believe that all UK media is biased and xenophobic. Anyway, I'll see you there soon – please open a charity bank account in my name one of these days, so that I won't have to rob and clone credit cards once I get there.
    For something totally diffferent – do I really get to bring my goats?

    PS: Don't worry though, I just realized I won't be in London before August 28th, since I already got my tickets for the Roger Waters concert in Bucharest (that's Bucharest, right?, not Budapest!), so probably I'll arrive around September 1st. Plenty of time for you to feed that account!

  17. Romanian gangsters most feared in europe we will come soon and fuck your country and youe woman. HAHAHAH! Enjoy it! Britu shitu

  18. I AM PROUD OF BEING ROMANIAN…. the author of this article should really really be ashamed.You Sir, are a racist. I am not going to lower myself to write here some stuff about the british nation. Not all british are low like you, as not all romanians are gipsies. And no, I would not leave Romania just to come live and work into UK. I've been there as tourist. Romania is a much much beautiful country than UK.

  19. Dear Albert Deak,

    your point is very good…the association of Romanians with gypsies. Some may think Gypsy=Romanian=very bad people, like Satana for the Christians. :o)
    The same happens with the Muslims. Sometimes I ask myself: Are people so stupid and so easily manipulated ? Are we so stupid to believe that all Muslims are bad people or terrorists ?

    In France, for instance, extreme nationalists gain in awareness…In Greece, the same thing. Now also in UK ? For those who are against other cultures and pro these extreme movements…I suggest to read a little bit of history – Consequences that Hitler, Mussolini and other extremists produced only 60 years ago.
    Do we begin to embrace these idiotic ideas ? Than, probably, we'll have to assume the negative consequences of the coming conflicts…

  20. Very insightful your comment. Also you may remind to the British that Britain under Churchill sold Romania and all the Eastern Europe to the Soviets, so some might consider that 50 years of communism are to be blamed the UK; just a simple fact, so you decide what you judge.

  21. o romanca mandra
    Scriu in romana pt ca nici nu merita sa scrii in limba lor nativa , m-am saturat de toate remarcile rasiste impotriva Romaniei nu meritam si nu inteleg de ce nu se iau masuri daca se intampla invers atunci ne intenta proces dl Cameron….. YOU BRITISH ARE ALL LAZY PEOPLE AND YOU ARE AFRAID THAT YOU ARE GOING TO STARVE BECAUSE WE WILL GET ALL THE JOBS , WE ARE SMARTER AND HARD WORKING NATION , AND DON'T WORRY OUR COUNTRY IS MUCH MORE BEAUTIFULL THEN YOURS AND TO FINISH I'VE NEVER SEEN PEOPLE AS GREEDY AND UGLY AS U .

  22. This is just another way to destroy the indigenous population of Britain. Brits are obsessed by class so if you get all these peasants from the poorest countries in former Soviet bloc invading us then our whole system is ruined forever. All our resources are bursting now and when the Romanians and Bulgars come there will be no more free NHS or free schools. Benefits will be stopped as well. Wait for it.

  23. Romania s pleasant and green countryside is being prepared for the massive influx of queens, kings, dukes and duchesses from Europe's riches countries in 2013,Romanian ministers have revealed. Romania is the land of choise for riches peoples.. because only riches can afford to live in this beautifull country. Thank you, Prince Charles the romanians loves you. Anyway in 2013 Romania aspect that all good romanian doctors, engineers, managers who are in Europe,s riches contries since 1989-1990. who make some fortunes .. to come back in Romania to live and work in this green and beautifull contry. Romania do not have anymore poor peoples or thieves… they will go to work… in UK…..
    For UK wealthy poples…Welcome in Romania..
    Best Regards…. Calin

  24. my cuzin Bilo he says that I can bring my goats from the village here in Romania to your country. I like the Big Ben and you have tea and scuns . In English town they very plesant people and we can sell them Big Issue. If I got to London I can beg in the street and make 100 pounds per hour. In british country they lazy so we work and they pay us. I get apartment ans benefit plus I work cash job make much moneys. We are only 20 million in Romanis. stop ur lies.Bastard Dave!!!!

  25. Dear readers,

    We live in a period of time when the hate and the xenphobia are very present in the United Kingdom. Why? Because a lot of crazy or stupid people became journalists. Lies designed to influence the public opinion are written with easyness. Obviously that the people is influenced by these newspapers. Lately the media from United Kingdom does sully the Romanians and Romania. The British people are scared by Romanians as if the Romanians would move all of them in the United Kingdom. No, dear Sirs, the Romanians will live in Romania because Romania is a beautiful country having a beautiful history and because they have all they need there. Romania has people of culture of first rank and an European history about which the Romanians can be proud. You will need to make the difference between Romania belonging to the Romanians and the gipsy from Romania who came from Asia and Egypt to Romania. Although they have Romanian passports, they have a quite different history and culture. There are many places in the world where the people remained back with centuries. The gipsy people are a part of such a world. They never attend the schools, they deal with many illegal matters but there are also people who work and are correct, too. The criminals must be punished. But it is not correct for you to treat all the Romanians like some criminals who will migrate to UK. The well minded people might search some reference about the Romanians and Romania on the Google search engine. The behaviour, the cities and the culture of the Romanians is not very different to that one of the British people. Romania has developed cities, industry, agriculture, culture, education at the highest level. But Romania has some economic problems and corruption in the public administration and government. But the justice and police exist in Romania as well and they do their work properly. Romania has army and it is a member of NATO. They do their work well where they are called. Romania is the partner of UK and also of all the European states because it is a member of the European Union and the population in the UK should treat the Romanians in a decent manner. The Romanian villages are very beautiful ones and the nature is absolutely wonderful. But every time the journalists look for the worst places and then they tell "this is Romania!". It is completely wrong. Also you can see over the Internet or to have a travel to Romania and you will see that the journalists do lie with indecency. I am sure that they know how to make the difference between the Romanians and a minority living in Romania being calles "gipsy". They take photos the areas where the gipsy live, they take photos with gipsy and then they tell: "these are the Romanians!". If the journalists from Romania would take photos with the ugly and bad places from the UK and they would take photos with the hophead people sleeping on the streets, they might tell: "these are the British people!". But the Romanians do not do that because they are educated and they respect the culture of all the people and this thing should be done also by the British people regarding the Romanians, too. It is an alarmin phenomenon in the UK. Everybody speaks about the Romanians or the Bulgarians but they cannot see that there are tens of thousands or even millions of other nationalities from all the world making true disasters around them. Any bad thing that happens in the UK is done by the Romanians as if there would not be criminals within another ethnicities. I wonder what is the purpose of these lies. Now I wish to finish my answer to this tendentious article being really xenophob one. You may find yourselves references about the Romanians and Romania over the Internet. As I am a Romanian and I feel insulted by this article, I have the right to a reply. There are many other things to tell but I will not do that. But I would like to recommend to you just a few links about the Romanians and Romania:

    I would like to transmit to all the British people to not be afraid of the Romanians. The British people are welcomed to Romania at any time. I would like to kindly ask all the British people to understand that the Romanian people has to connection with the gipsy community in Romania. They are NOT Romanians ethnics but they live in Romania and also in many other countries in Europe, too. They have their own rules of living and their own culture. This thing must be fully understood.

    I thank you all for reading my answer to this article.

  26. The article is written with bad intentions by a very mean and ignorant person.Yeah man,that's what we do…We walk around Europe pouring concrete on people's doorsteps.We don't need to go to britain for green pastures and ancient forests…We have them too and they are more beautiful than yours.
    Britain destroyed entire countries and nations in its neverending greed.
    Hey dave how about telling people how your country is responsible for removing 20 000 people in Uganda from their own land just so that you can grow timber wood?Nothing about that.How about telling people that there are more than 1000 000 british expats?How about telling people that the prisons of the planet are full of paedophiles from your beloved england?
    Here's a little food for thought dave:)) Don't you just wanna throw up that huge english breakfast?

  27. Dear David,

    Before you wrote this article have you at least tried to consult wikipedia? Do you have any idea where is Bulgaria and Romania located on the map? Honestly, go home, delete the article and have a rest. It was just a bad dream.

    Make sure next time to have a coffee after you wake up. At least this way you can make sure you are awake.

    P.S. Would you please mention the source of the info as being One of your Nightmares

    ||| Deschideti ochii copii |||

    Dear all,

    Please do take some time and give this webpage a minute of your time.
    You might notice (upon doing so) that all articles are written in an ironic manner, and atop of this, the subjects are fictional.

    Given the example of timesnewroman.ro and looking at this webpage's other titles (such as "Banker Sacked For Getting a Conscience" or "China buys Europe") it is easy to observe that the articles are only written for amusement.

    Having cleared these out, feel free to take things easily and not rage about fake, funny articles and take it like a man.
    The fact you know English, get connected to news easily and have an opportunity to give someone a piece of your mind shouldn't deny you the chance to realize when something's a joke.


  29. First of all , the date when UK labor market restrictions for Romanians must be lifted according to the European law is 1st of January 2014 and not 2013.

    Second , the total population of Romania and Bulgaria combined is 26.5 million ( check the wiki page if you don't believe me ).

    Out of the 26 mil , a large number is represented by the minors and seniors who you don't have to worry about invading UK.

    The working class is less than 10 mil total , but you should only be concern about the people without jobs since they are more likely to seek work in UK than someone who already has a stable job in his home country. The total number of unemployment is around 1 mil more or less , and I think this is a more realistic number of people that will be looking for jobs on the foreign market.

    But in 2014 labor restrictions will be lifted for Romanians and Bulgarians on all European countries , not just UK. So Germany , France , Belgium , Netherlands etc will also be targeted by the "invaders" .

    Statically the number of immigrants from Romania and Bulgaria will be less than half a million , so the number 48 million is just pure fiction.

  30. It looks to me that the person who wrote this article his knowledge is zero.Romanians ans bulagrians are all together about 23 millions..And why are u so worry about anyway?We are hard working people not like the most british LAZY!Thats why the employers always prefer to hire non british people.From my point of view at the moment britan is much worse than any western country in U.E.so Mr.Dave ucan just FUCq off!!!

  31. Hello,
    I am a Romanian and I feel confused and obliged to tell you that these "48 milion imigrants" , these number, does not exists! The population of Romania is of about 19,350,000 (2012) as you can see following this link : http://www.romaniatourism.com/fast-facts.html !!! Also I have to tell you that the pupulation of Bulgaria is 7.150.785 milion people so, if we just do a simple addition you will get 26.500785 milion people!!!
    Next time you want or…intend to offend a country (or two) and it's people I beg you to do it for a real reason because, here in Romania (I don't know about Bulgaria ) we learn English from the age of 3 (three) and not justthe English language, we also learn about British culture and it's facts! We love , admire, and surely respect everything about the U.K. but, I can't stand too see my beloved country to be ofended in such a way!
    We , all of us (romanians) are not comming to the U.K. to destroy your trully magnificent culture and your beautifull countryside ! We generally come to your country to "watch an learn", have fun in British way and..to work, to have a well paid slary !
    Me and my fellow romaninans would be greatfull to you, The world's finest new's source to have better information about countries who are making desperate efforts to improve their economical status!

  32. Nice to see that that my comment is not posted, thank you Moderator for being fare and objective!

    In case you did not understood, I was being sarcastic!

  33. Romanian news websites took this as a serious news :)) The joke's on them I guess…

  34. Again racist ? If you Brits don't like the EU policy: open boarders, free capital and people movement, etc., than GO OUT..leave EU…
    Afterwards, your companies will have to pay tariffs for all the whiskeys that you export. Furthermore, countries like Romania and Bulgaria will be glad NOT to accept anymore british expats. You liked it when you introduced British Council all over Eastern Europe and shared your culture, now you will see the consequences. It's the same with the African colonies. You should've thought it before entering culturally in these countries.

    By the way…why are you so scarred ? Are you afraid of higher competition in the labour market ? What do you not want to lose ?

    Stay calm, most of the migrants will work in cities and won't destroy your beautiful landmarks and green areas. If you do not agree with the EU policies, exit EU but don't expand your own problems and issues on an European level trying to ruin the Community.


  35. Dear Sir, all romanian population is right now 16 million, so even we all will leave our country and move all in UK, we will not be 48 million. I like your country, but only to visit it like tourist and see all beautiful places there, taste good food and listen music, and talking with english friends. I am very sure you are talking about gipsy population, which are around 5 million i think, and they are living in ALL EUROPE 🙂 Have a nice day, and remember: Romania is beautiful country too, even your "banks" and "smart businesses" made her poor these years! Merry Christmans to all of you!

  36. Dear Dave,

    There aren't 48 million romanians and bulgarians in the world yet! We will soon get there though.

    Check your facts before writing bullshit.

  37. This is in German!

    Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
    in Deutschland ist bekannt, das Rumänien nur 20 Millionen und Bulgarien nur 10 Millionen Einwohner hat. Über 3 Millionen Roma aus Rumänien leben schon in Italien, Spanien und Frankreich. Es bleiben noch 17 Millionen die nach England kommen können.
    Sie haben eine Kindergartenmentalität!

  38. Sorry for your eagerness to welcome all Romanians and Bulgarians ( dont forget to prepare also for their stray dogs, very nice companions, otherwise) , but it will take longer than expected, because they also are very busy watching X Fctor and The Voice.

  39. I just want to say that Romanian and Bulgarian population do not exceed 27 Millions at this moment.
    Romania has around 19 Millions: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romania
    Bulgaria has around 7.5 Millions: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bulgaria

    Unless Romanians and Bulgarians start multiplying in December 2012 till almost doubling their number and then all of them just leave their countries behind and move to Britain, I don't think British people should worry.

    I don't even think it would be that easy for 48 Million people to simply cross Europe.

    I'm from Romania and you can rest assured that we're not coming in Britain… yet : – )

    The gypsies from our countries might be coming there to beg and steal though. The gypsies are Romani, NOT Romanian as missleaded people might think.
    You can easily distinguish a Romanian who has white skin from a Gypsy who has a darker skin color.
    Many gypsies are great people though, but their reputation is spoiled because some of them do not integrate in societies, don't want to get a proper job and prefer to be outlaws or beggars.

    Europe Union is urging us not to discriminate gypsies (Romani), but why is EU discriminating us (Romanians) though?

  40. Bulgaria – population approx. 7 mil
    Romania – population approx. 20 mil

    I'm really curious where the 48 mil. will come from :).

    Good quality article!!

  41. Dave Holobone your are an idiot.
    The total population of Romania and Bulgaria is 26 milion people. The difference are only in your head ( if you have ).

  42. Are you fuckin' crazy? Romania has 20 million inhabitants (with all those who are living in other countries) and Bulgaria has only 7 millions… In what dimension 20+7 = 48 ?

  43. Entire population of romanians and bulgarians is less than 27mil….where did you take 48mil from? Moreover, how sick can you be to make such bad remarks on those people? The ones that you are afraid of are already here.

  44. The most stupid thing that I heard in my life … You could obtain 48 mil if you count twice!!!!

  45. Reading this article made me throw up..why? because it's full of crap, shit, etc. I wonder if the person who wrote this absurdity knows where Romania and Bulgaria is located on the map. Beside the fact that romanian citizens are about 20 mil and bulgarian around 10 in all Europe (the sum is 30 mil, not even close to 48 mil), only 10% percent are working outside their home country.

    Finally, please vizit Romania and Bulgaria, you will be surprised to see the real beauty of the wild nature untouched by human.. the remaining virgin forests in Europe, the wild animals, etc.

  46. according to wikipedia website, Romania's total population is 19 million people and the population of Bulgaria is 7,500,000 people, that means that in total there are approximately 16.5 million people, which is totally different from 48,000,000 people tell you that is, you fooled the world and scared for nothing, it is impossible to come all the population of these States to England, would mean to leave everyone from the smallest to the older and dead people as to reach such a sum, and the two states remain empty with no wind … are states only man in Europe who gave freely to those in Romania to work, including italy and nothing happened, did not increase the number of people who left to work there

  47. You need to inform yourselves better or to know that we can read English too. Please be informed that all Romanians and Bulgarians people in total are almost 25 million. You only panic your own people and make us seem like savages. Shame on you! Well, no more comment! Signed: One, proud to be Romanian!

  48. Taken from wikipedia:
    Romania: Population
    – 2011 census 19,043,767

    Bulgaria: Population
    – 2011 census 7,364,570

    The sume of both countries ENTIRE population is 26,408,337 (that is EVERYONE)

    To me, this article represents ignorance, propaganda (for whatever purpose), and mindless panic.
    Further more, whoever, from both countries, wished to relocate to Britain … already DID IT. Most of'em anyway. So expect a maximum of 1 million romanians and bulgarians combined IMO. Stop panicking for no reason, stop being ignorant and for God's sake, spare the $ on cement.
    Cheers 🙂

  49. Wow, you really are being paranoid!!! Are you even aware what you're talking about?! The ENTIRE Romanian population is of about 20 millions people, while the Bulgarians are about 7.5 millions TOP. So there are 28 millions people, say, in those two countries, old people and young children included. Do you REALLY think we will all leave our homes, our families, and our careers and lives here, many of us after years and years of study and hard work, just to come and work and live as some sort of undesired outsiders in your country?! That would really be something! Not to mention that even in that case scenario you would'n get 48 millions! Wow!!

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