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Israel to Fight Over Gaza Rubble

GAZA - Gaza Strip - As Israel prepares for a ground invasion on the tiny Palestinian enclave, Israeli generals are already portioning off the bits of rubble they will acquire once the U.S. funded tanks roll in.

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“We are going to get the Palestinian rubble and bones and put them in a big rock crusher to make sand out of it. Maybe one day Gaza could be a beach or a holiday resort where retired Jews can wile away their days over the crushed bones and rubble of Palestinians,” Shimon Ben Kelev, one of the IDF generals told Haaretz news service.

It seems that every few years there is a cyclical element to the action, the frustrated Palestinians who are blockaded in their ghetto fire a few improvised fireworks across to their occupiers. In essence this is similar to the Warsaw ghetto where the hapless Jews would sometimes fight back at the Nazis who contained them in their ghettos and suppressed vital medicine and food.

Another general in charge of the imminent attack, Moshe Harah, said: “We have seventeen Abteilungsführer battalions and as the Bataillonskommandeur, I will direct the Blitzkrieg with brutal lightning force. Women, children, dogs, chickens, whatever it will be Ausschreitungen. They will be crushed under our Einfall and will be Eingeschlossen from all sides. We will push them into the sea away from the ghetto and the remaining Palestinians will drown like f*cking rats.”

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