Austere Europeans Moving to Africa

LILONGWE - Malawi - Rufus Brantnimes used to live in Paris enjoying all the trappings of wealth, but since the EU's austerity drive he lost everything. Today he lives in Africa and says he has never been happier.

“Who needs the Palace of Versailles or the Roman Coliseum? I live in a shack now and I do not have anything apart from a few boxes, an old tyre, and a tin of sardines,” Brantnimes told Paris Match magazine.

Every day Brantnimes travels for miles to fetch water and carries it back to his corrugated iron home. He is lucky because many do not even have a solid roof over their heads but live in mud huts.

“People are happy here, they have nothing yet they still have something. In the West people have everything, yet they still have nothing. Over here I have met the happiest gentlest people and I am astounded at the hospitality by these people. In Paris if you ask someone for help, you will be lucky to get spit in your eye.”

Austere Europeans are flocking to Africa because things are so bad in the EU. According to Brussels, 60,000 Europeans sell what little they have left every day and journey to deepest Africa to make a new life for themselves.