Man Arrested For Retweeting Retweet of a Retweet That Was Deemed Offensive by Retweeters

CHESHUNT - England - A 26-year-old man has been arrested for retweeting a retweet of a retweet on Twitter on Saturday, police sources have revealed.

“We have in custody, a man who retweeted a retweet of a retweet on the site Twitter. He is being detained and questioned for the retweet of the retweet of a retweet and will be held for another 48 hours,” DCI Richard Clebbins, told the Sun newspaper.

The man was arrested in a dawn raid in the early hours of Sunday morning after the alleged retweets were deemed offensive by three Twitter users, and these complaints were retweeted across the network using a hash tag that cannot be mentioned here for legal reasons.

“This man retweeted the retweet of the retweet within a retweet that was then promoted with a hash tag and retweeted subsequently by others who will also be arrested if found to be retweeting the retweet of the retweet,” another police source revealed.