Mail Order Bride Lost in Post Say Officials

BEIJING - China - Eric Roelhames, 56, from Eindhoven, Netherlands, has flown to China's capital city to try and locate his mail order bride, Chinese officials have revealed.

“I ordered her four weeks ago and they said she would come express delivery. Last week I got a call from the Chinese postal service saying that she is now somewhere in the system and they are trying to locate her. I am very disappointed and was really looking forward to meeting 23-year-old, Jing Ling Ling,” a distraught Mr Roelhames told Chinese state television on Monday.

Mr Roelhames flew out to China three days ago after hearing from the agency who sold him his bride.

“I bought her in good faith and even though I have been assured my money back, I still want to find her so I can take her home and show her off to my friends,” he explained teary eyed.

The Chinese postal service deals with over a billion packages a day and over 12 billion letters per week, so the chance of finding Jing Ling Ling are slim to say the least.

“I got the tracking number right here, she’s got to be somewhere. I’m going to keep searching until I find her. I’ll give it until next week then if not, I guess I’ll have to buy another one,” Mr Roelhames said from his Beijing hotel room.