Selfish Parents Who Want to Keep Their Kids in School Condemning Children to Coronavirus Death

LONDON - England - Schools are being kept open during the deadly coronavirus pandemic putting children in danger of death purely because some parents prefer to work than look after their own kids.

Sick girl with oxygen mask sleeping in a hospital bed with teddy

What kind of parent would put their children in harms way just for their career or stupid job?

Italy and the rest of the globe are closing schools, yet in Britain they are still being kept open, according to reports because some selfish parents will have to god forbid look after their own fucking children. Key medical personnel and other front-line workers could easily take their kids to special crèche units setup specifically for children of NHS workers etc. Private sector parents with kids have no excuse.

Keep your filthy money or career then and watch your kid get coronavirus!

These people should be looking after their children even without a deadly pandemic raging through cities picking off people by the dozen.

These parents who are putting their own children in harms way are reprehensible, you might as well sell your children off for medical experiments.

Reports from Italy tell of many younger people now being hospitalized after being infected with coronavirus.

What about kids with underlying health conditions, who are being forced to go to school just because some selfish irresponsible parents don’t want to look after their own kids?

There are millions of secondary school children across the country who have to use public transport to go to school, they will be infected by coronavirus, then spread it at school, before going home for dinner with their parents.

The incompetent Education Minister, Gavin Williamson is playing with people’s lives and has blood on his dithering useless hands for his stance on keeping schools open during a deadly pandemic.

Maybe, a society as it is today does not deserve to survive the pandemic..

Close Schools/Colleges down for an appropriate amount of time amidst COVID19.

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