You just can’t get better than this, acquitted from the ridiculous Mueller Russian collusion fiasco, acquitted from the pathetic Democrat ‘Shifty’ Schiff Ukraine Impeachment fiasco, and all the other stupid waste of time Dem witch hunts out to get the Teflon Don.

“The socialist Democrats are a disgrace, and they deserve to lose every election from now till 2060. Fuck ’em, you sore losers, you dimwits, you goddamn morons!” one former democrat voter, who will never vote democrat again revealed after the Senate votes were tallied.


It would be wise to say that this result will haunt the Democrats in November when the election comes to its final stages. There is certainly going to be a backlash to the several failed attempts to take President Trump down, and voters who have been absolutely disgusted to see their valuable tax dollars spent on ridiculous fiascos like the impeachment circus will be very angry at how the Dems have behaved.

trump revenge

“The totalitarian leftie scum did not accept democracy and that Donald Trump won the 2016 election, so they called for Trump’s impeachment from day one. They wanted any excuse they could find. I don’t know anyone who will ever vote Democrat party ever again, especially after this sham impeachment bullshit. Also, Free Roger Stone, I think Trump should pardon Roger Stone as well because that was another flawed stitch-up,” another voter shouted.

The anger across the United States is palpable, and to see the sore loser Nancy Pelosi childishly ripping up Trump’s papers at the State of the Union address was an additional nail in the coffin for the Democrats. Her behaviour was that of a child, a malicious vindictive Pelosi was shown to be a sad pathetic sore loser out of ideas and desperate.

In December 2019, the Daily Squib put our Impeachment poll up, and thousands of people voted in the poll, we thank them for their participation. Voting is now closed.

In other news: Poor Bobby De Niro, he was last seen with a Mohican hair style cruising the streets in a taxi cab looking whacked out of his mind.

The Democrat party is now severely fucked in the 2020 election, they just lost BIG TIME!

Will Trump's Impeachment Pass the Senate?

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