What Use is Your Money When It is Infected?

BEIJING - China - During a pandemic, one thing people find out pretty quickly is that cash can be infected thus nullifying its worth.

If money is the root of all evil, does it get more evil when it is infected with a coronavirus that can kill you?

One could also postulate an opposite view that the evil money is somehow being cleansed by the coronavirus because it is becoming worthless.

The Chinese Central Bank may have millions of tonnes of cash in its coffers, but what use is that if the notes are worthless due to being infected? The distribution of cash itself could be one of the many conduits for the spread of the virus, therefore what does the Chinese Central Bank have to do about that conundrum?

Granted, the virus may only be on a note or surface for a few hours, but when it comes to cash, that’s good enough time to infect a dozen or so people from one single note.

All those years selling plastic junk products to the West, all made with slave labour thanks to the communist system, may now be lost, simply because the good stuff is now infected with a virus that has killed thousands of people in China, as can be attested by the crematorium staff working day and night burning the bodies.

How do you spend your now worthless infected currency? The plain truth is you don’t because if you’ve been anywhere near the notes, you will soon feel a heavy temperature and eventually keel over and die.

Adios mes amis, looks like your greed was your final end.