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EU Soviet Comrade Cameron Returns

CHIPPING NORTON - England - Comrade Cameron is back from his Soviet EU exile to sell his book and try to stop Brexit once again for posterity's sake.

Like a creature from the Black Lagoon, or an unwanted case of the clap, Comrade Cameron has once again returned from his Soviet EU wilderness to sell his new book and berate some old enemies from the old days.

Big Society

“Your papers are not in order! Halten zie!” Comrade Cameron shouts with his East German Stasi accent at a bemused Chipping Norton postman delivering the mail.

“I missen zie old days, and I missen zie Comrade Clegg, he is now worken for Facebook en zie! Einen EU Soviet project is under Blitzkriegen from Boris and Gove! It is meiner mission zie to attack them as my Meisters in Brussels zie have ordered! Otherwise my booken zie will not sellen zie! Jah?” Comrade Cameron rails on.

The EU Referendum did not go as planned for poor Comrade Cameron, here was a devout Soviet EU operative who thought the deal was in the bag, he even spent £9 million of British taxpayers’ money to make a case against its own people. How could he lose the EU Referendum, it was inconceivable?

And then the results came in…




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