boris johnson roman general

As the snivelling treacherous malevolent winds of corruption erupt in parliament once again, the augurs do not bode well for the PM, especially with only a majority of one.

Unfortunately, Boris is playing with a Tory majority decimated by the disastrous Theresa May regime, where she went to the polls early on and nearly lost an election to Jeremy Corbyn.

If forced to have an election, Boris will do good to join forces with the Brexit Party to ensure a parliamentary majority that will guarantee pre or post No Deal success. An election where the vote is diluted, would only open the door for the morose Marxist, Jeremy Corbyn. There is also a further threat from the Lib Dems who have adopted a ‘Stop Brexit’ stance, in other words a ‘Stop Democracy’ mantra which many haters of the Tories and socialists would vote for as well.

The monstrous Vichy cowards in parliament who are reneging on their previous promise to honour the EU Referendum, are liars, pustules of treachery oozing corruption from every pore of their being, and it is this threat that Boris must now compensate for.

Nigel Farage, the architect for Brexit must be honoured, he must be brought into the fold, and his party, and followers will bring great election riches to the Conservative party, but it must be a mutually beneficial union. In other words, the election must be post Brexit, on October 31, or in an emergency, if the election has to be held pre-October 31, a deal must be struck with the Brexit party, to ensure a conclusive election win.

Despite the loud voices of the Marxist quisling remoaners, they are not in the majority, just because they shout their useless outrage loudest, it does not mean they have the true voice of the land. Their acrimony is misleading, and their filthy denunciation of our democracy is plain to see for everyone, despite the likes of some sectors of the media that champion these pathetic beasts.

Join forces with the Brexit Party, let’s finish this once and for all.

Acta deos numquam mortalia fallunt