Kommie Huq Goes Insane Over Brexit on Live TV

SALFORD - England - Former Blue Peter presenter, Kommie Fuq, a staunch communist remoaner was seen frothing about Brexit on live TV.

Former Blue Peter presenter Kommie Fuq seemed a long way from her children’s television days when the indoctrinated communist Remoaner furiously lashed out during a heated Brexit exchange.

The BBC star who receives a large taxpayer funded salary was engaging in a huge argument with journalist and commentator Mike Parry when she made the astonishing intervention. Journalist Yasmin Alibhai-Brow looked on in shock as Ms Fuq totally lost it.

Kommie raged: “Mike, would you want Brexit to happen now if suddenly the new term was that everybody’s head gets chopped off?

“But hang on a minute, people voted for it. People voted for it!

“Why are you changing the goalposts?!”

Mr Parry fired back, saying: “The question was ‘do you want to leave the EU?'”

But Kommie Fuq, obsessed with heads getting chopped off, replied

The BBC darling bizarrely frothed: “You can leave the EU, you just have to have your head chopped off.

“Do you not understand?!

“Questions can not be black and white.

“Sorry, why is that any different? It is a term and condition?”

Mr Parry attempted to intercede in a quiet English manner but Kommie Fuq angrily interrupted him in a passionate rant.

She said: “You have your head chopped off – we leave!”

Host Jeremy Vine was then forced to intervene in the fiery exchange.

The stalwart broadcaster said: “Maybe the ‘chopping off the head’ is the problem, here.”

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