commencement order
The Brexit Secretary, Stephen Barclay, signs the “commencement order” that will trigger the end of the supremacy of EU law in the UK on Hallowe’en

Stephen Barclay, the Brexit Secretary, has signed the “commencement order” that will trigger the end of the supremacy of EU law in the UK, to repeal the European Communities Act of 1972 on Hallowe’en.

Theresa May was supposed to do the same thing but avoided it like the plague, as much as she avoided anything to do with leaving the European Union.

The treachery and “appalling dishonesty” of the remainers with their attempts to stop Brexit has been all too apparent with the multiple plots and attempts to thwart the result of the EU Referendum, something that they promised to respect the result of. These dishonourable members of parliament, are still plotting to thwart democracy by siding with Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, to takeover parliament with some sort of Bolshevik coup.

In all respects, once the commencement order has been signed, the date for the exit of Britain of the EU, can also be put forward to any date between now and October 31.

Prime Minister, Johnson, is set to visit Germany and France to tell their leaders they have two months to agree to a deal without a backstop on the Irish border.

Obstinate EU leaders have constantly reiterated the point that they refuse to negotiate with Britain and will only accept the withdrawal agreement that was rejected by the British parliament three times.

Back home, if the treasonous plotters move to oust Mr. Johnson, then there will be various ways to circumnavigate the multiple attacks, one of which is bringing the exit date forward.

In theory, Britain could have already left the EU on March 29.